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TPH Hosts First Buying Show in Puerto Rico

Mar 03, 2014

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Parts House (TPH), a Jacksonville-based Parts Plus warehouse distributor, recently hosted its first buying show at its location in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, where jobbers from across the island interacted with multiple vendors and TPH associates, according to Brian Mendelson, vice president of sales.
“We’re confident that our customers walked away with greater knowledge of the products available to them, which will ultimately increase the breadth of their purchases,” he said. “This event helped our contiguous U.S.-based suppliers better understand the unique market dynamics. It also enabled our jobber customers to explore programs to help them become more profitable.”
TPH’s top jobber customers were on hand to learn more about the Parts Plus program’s marketing elements, buying power and IT initiatives. To date, 11 jobbers in the area have committed to joining the Parts Plus family of stores.
“It’s a priority for TPH to sign Parts Plus stores on the island to expand the brand’s footprint, cultivate customer loyalty and help ensure these jobbers’ long-term success,” said Mandy Aguilar, TPH’s regional vice president.