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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA,  March 7, 2013--The Parts House (TPH) announced  ACDelco as the recipient of its 2012 Vendor of the Year Award during the Jacksonville-based Parts Plus warehouse distributor's recent Annual Sales and Marketing Summit, according to David Miller, COO of TPH. 

"For more than 40 years, TPH and ACDelco have worked together to provide some of the best products and services in the aftermarket," Miller said. "TPH is proud to offer ACDelco's high-quality replacement brakes, filters, spark plugs, shocks and struts. With a relationship that dates back to June 1982, we recognize ACDelco not only as our 2012 Vendor of the Year, but also as a trusted partner with whom we've shared a vision of excellence for four-plus decades."

Miller cited ACDelco's unprecedented support of inventory growth, as well as marketing, training and pull-through programs that have helped create a double-digit growth of aftermarket sales for TPH.

During the proceedings, Miller also recognized Advantage Sales and Marketing (ASM) as an exemplary sales agency.

"ASM is a sales company that gets it -- with "it" being the relationship between agencies and warehouse distributors in jointly representing products in the aftermarket" he said.

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